City Utilities

Individuals seeking to set up residential service for water, sewer, garbage, and electricity with the City of Howard should contact the City Finance Officer, complete an application, and pay a deposit. 


All bills rendered are net, due and payable upon receipt. They are delinquent if not paid by the fifteenth of the month. A five percent delayed payment penalty will be charged and the consumer will be immediately mailed a “Past Due Notice” stating services will be disconnected after ten days.  Said notice will give the date when the utility will be terminated, the dollar amount which is delinquent and must be paid to retain electrical service and reason upon which the proposed disconnection is based. If upon the termination date, the delinquent amount, as stated in said notice, is not paid in full, the utility service will be terminated unless the consumer has entered into an agreement for payment of said bill that is satisfactory to the City of Howard.


A water and or electric utility which has been terminated because of non-payment of account will not be resumed until all billing of said account has been paid in full, including a reconnection charge in the amount of $75.00 for each utility service if reconnected during the regular  department working hours.